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The Thrifty Chicks Calgary is a Budget Decorating Company!
We use new, thrift, vintage, up-cycled, refurbished décor items to refresh the look of your room.
We are not interior designers, just two chicks with good taste and a vision!



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Every project is unique! So is everyones budget. Therefore we offer a free consultation and detailed quote before you choose to go ahead. We will work with you to create a design that's suited to your specific needs. 


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Modern Bedroom

"These ladies are the real deal, Very creative and highly professional. They sure brought the 'waow' factor into our space. Love it, love it, totally love it!!"


"Sandy and Gabby were amazing. They not only did a great job on my room but actually sat and chatted with me about what ‘feeling’ I wanted from my room when I have it redecorated! They nailed it. I’m so impressed and would recommend them 100%! Thanks ladies"


"All I have to say is wow!!! They took my expectations and blew them out of the water. The room is exactly my style and I already get tons of compliments on it. Thank you ladies for making a room that I never used into a place I love."